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Heavy Weights

Musclemania® India Junior Champion Pranav Raj Official continues his gains as he trains for MM Asia in Singapore. The 5'8", 85 kgs, 21 year old, natural athlete says, "I'm handing heavy weights and keeping my body fat around 10-11%."

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Lean 5%

At 6', 180 lbs., 21 years old, lifetime natural, Musclemania® India Junior Tushar Uppal says he's a lean 5% all year. "I always eat clean and train heavy," he explains. The Delhi native is an engineering student.

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Stay Natural

Musclemania India lifetime natural bodybuilder Ibrahim Ali says "I'm staying natural because I believe that is better for my health and I'm doing my best to motivate the young generation to stay natural during their fitness career" Ibrahim is training to compete at MM India this season.

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Good Lean Shape

Musclemania India Abhishek YC Gowda the 5.11" , 88 kg says " I'm following high protein, medium carbs diet to maintain a good lean shape while gaining lean muscles, the goal is to gain extra 10kg of muscles before my next show". Ahbishek is training to compete at MM India and MM Asia model category this season.

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Seasoned Martial Artist

Musclemania® India Fitness Champion Mohsin Khan morning shape. The 5'10", 165 lbs., lifetime natural is a seasoned martial artist says he will perform next at MM America in November.

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My Profession

Musclemania India champion Bharat Singh Walia says " My vision was clear from my childhood, I allowed my passion to become my purpose and today it has become my profession"

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