Maaz surprised everyone with his sensational form last month at Musclemania® India as he went on to earn the title of the BEST Natural Physique athlete in the country. "It's a dream come true. I did not place in the first two contests I entered last year. But that did not deter me from pursuing my goals. Rather, it motivated me more to dig deep and find out where I need to improve. I periodized my training split and nutrition, and BAM! Gains and more gains!" he says. "Now that I've reached here, the next step to becoming a Musclemania® PRO is much harder, but I'm all game for it. Already 2 kgs heavier than the contest last month, and thanks to my ecto-meso bodytype, I hold no more than 7-8% bodyfat. I admit my lower body needs to grow... a LOT. I've been training legs 2-3 times a week for over 6 months now. They've gotten way better will only keep improving. I look forward to competing with the MM Pros."