At just 22 years, Amarnath Sekar already has 16 years of fitness experience. He was a champion in football since he was 6 years old. Amar comes from a very humble background, with his father being a driver (now retired). He says, "When I joined college to pursue bachelor in commerce and arts, I thought it would help reach out to more football competitions but unfortunately only basketball was promoted heavily in that college, which is fine. As my dad started getting older I had to take up responsibility." Making ends meet has been real tough but he's managed to keep his dream of being a successful athlete alive by working multiple jobs and shifts. He started lifting 3 years ago and his master and gym mates saw genetic potential in him. He says "I was just 66 kgs when I first entered the gym but my decade+ of football training and competitions made me highly driven, disciplined and focused. Apart from food, I did supplement strategically with a whole bunch of mass gainers under my master's guidance. He always told me my potential and asked me to start training for physique and bodybuilding competitions." Amar took up the American certification courses while working multiple shifts and jobs including as a trainer at HCL to not only provide for his family but also to help his elder brother complete Mechanical Engineering. "My elder brother is really intelligent and it would be unfortunate for him to not be able to explore and reach his potential. I'm proud of him and glad I'm able to fund his education." Currently at 5'8", 76kgs, Amarnath will compete at Musclemania Physique Chennai ten weeks later.